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our mission


High-quality buildings are an important cornerstone of a modern and prosperous metropolis and a symbol of urban prosperity. It is the vision of the general public to have a high-quality, safe and well-equipped living environment.

In line with the promise of realizing high-quality professional services, Quanzhu Engineering Consultant Building attaches great importance to work efficiency and results, and has achieved remarkable results.

Services include:

  • Authorized Person Services

  • Registered Structural Engineer Services

  • Registered Inspector Services

  • feasibility study

  • construction consultant

  • contract management

  • project management

  • Architecture and Interior Design

  • building renovation

  • Building Condition Survey

  • expert witness

  • Leak Detection Survey

  • Completion acceptance

  • Infrared temperature survey

  • Fire Safety Assessment

  • Engineering Supervision Services

  • License service and application

  • Buildings Department Building License Application

  • Minor Works License Application

  • Mandatory Building Inspection / Window Inspection Scheme

  • Hong Kong Housing Society Voluntary Building Assessment Scheme

  • ​Illegal signboard verification plan

Glass Buildings

The Quantity Engineering Consultant Building has obtained the following international certifications:
Internationally recognized quality assurance certificate ISO 9001
Internationally recognized environmental management system certificate ISO 14001

​ trustworthy


The company provides suitable engineering professionals and experienced engineers to supervise the projects, such as registered authorized persons of the Buildings Department, registered structural engineers, building surveyors, building services engineers and registered inspectors. The company has provided consultants for more than 100 housing estates Serve.

With dedication and dedication, he is well-known in the industry, with more than dozens of letters of commendation from the corporation.

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